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Custom Lumber


Logs need to be free of dirt and hardware. A   $6.00   sharpening fee will be charged per blade dulled from dirt or hardware.   $20.00   will be charged per blade damaged by hardware.
The price for sawing lumber is   $60.00   per hour. Customer may help and is responsible for safety of those helping and watching. A board foot rate is available.
Custom sawmilling has a Texas sales tax. Unless a resales or farm tax # is provided in the state of Texas.

Minimum rate charge (per job):
Within 10 miles of Gladewater is 2 hours;
Within 20 miles is 4 hours;
Within 40 miles is 5 hours;
0ver 40 miles is 6 hours plus $1.00 per mile one way over 50 miles;
No minimum on logs brought to my location

Board foot rate (1"x12"x12"):
If board foot rate is chosen logs must meet these requirements, be stacked in piles so that they can be easily loaded on the mill. Logs should be 8 feet to 16 feet 4 inches in length, 10 to 26 inches in diameter on the small end. Boards will be measured to the nearest 1/4 inch in thickness, nearest 1/4 inch in width and nearest foot in length. Boards less than one inch in thickness will be measured by the square foot.

Flat sawing: $250   per thousand board feet;
Quarter sawing & sawing for grade:   $300.00   per thousand board feet;
Lap siding:   $250.00   per thousand Square feet.

The Customer understands that log handling and cutting may be hazardous. Customer shall be responsible for conduct of helpers and observers and agrees to hold Sawyer and the Wood-Mizer lumber mill manufacturer harmless for any injury or damage whatsoever to helpers or observers arising out of operation of the mill and handling of logs and lumber. It shall be the Customer's duty and obligation to keep all children and observers out of the work area. Customer represents that he is the owner of the logs and/ or has the authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of all interested parties.

Payment in full upon completion of job.

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